12 Roseville Restaurants Serving Macaroni & Cheese

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No matter your age, when it comes to comfort food macaroni & cheese stands out as a favorite — the ooey-gooey cheese gets us every time! There are 12 different restaurants in Roseville who are serving macaroni & cheese on their menus, some with more than one. Many of the dishes have add-ins like bratwurst, lobster and BACON, making them truly unique. Instead of sampling all 12 of these cheesy macaroni and cheese dishes we decided to sample five (for now) to give you a sneak peek at what your next meal will look like in Roseville!

Applebee’s Bar & Grill


We didn’t sample the 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders at Applebee’s but if the name doesn’t grab your attention then maybe the description of this decadent dish will. Honey pepper balances the richness of this dish by giving a sweet and savory flavor to our breaded chicken tenders. They’re served atop a mound of our indulgent 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese loaded with Applewood smoked bacon. You can even order it to go!

Bakers Square

New to the Bakers Square menu is their Deluxe Chicken & Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese. Grilled chicken and hickory-smoked bacon over pasta shells in a homemade three-cheese sauce? We should have sampled this one! They sprinkle crushed up homemade croutons on top to give the dish a nice crunch.

Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings takes their boneless chicken wings and lays them generously on top of creamy, oven-baked macaroni and cheese — Buffalo Mac & Cheese. The best part? You get to choose the sauce for your chicken from their list of 21 signature sauces and dry seasonings. Lindsay went for the classic Honey BBQ sauce, one of her favorites. The chicken was good, the same as their boneless wings (only bite sized) and the macaroni and cheese underneath was amazing. It tasted just like homemade macaroni and cheese with the crunchy breadcrumbs on top and was super creamy — just like mom makes!

Granite City Food & Brewery


Granite City’s The Bennie Mac & Cheese features one of their in-house brews, The Bennie beer, which can be found in the sauce. On their menu it describes the dish as a chicken and penne pasta that is tossed in a cheese sauce, which rang true when we began eating. It was not very cheesy and the bacon was lacking other than what was sprinkled on top. If you’re looking for a unique penne pasta dish then this would be an ideal choice but it’s a little far from a macaroni and cheese in our eyes. Good attempt though!

Green Mill

Green Mill.jpg

One of the more decadent macaroni and cheese dishes out there is the Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Green Mill. You can probably see why with the amount of lobster topping the trottole pasta and mixed within the creamy cheese sauce within this fancy mac and cheese. The pasta held the cheese sauce well which complimented the lobster and gave it a “butteriness”. The bread dunked perfectly in the leftover cheese sauce on the bottom of the bowl… which I definitely ate up!

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill

We’ve had Grumpy’s Mac ‘n Cheese in the past so we didn’t need to sample their dish again (although, we should have!). You can get their mac ‘n cheese in a cup or in a bowl (it’s listed under soups). What makes their mac ‘n cheese special is the chunks of bratwurst mixed within! They offer another spin on mac ‘n cheese with their Mac ‘n Cheese Bites, found within their appetizers.

Joe Senser’s

When you name your macaroni and cheese after your restaurant, it’s bound to be good. The Senser’s Mac & Cheese at Joe Senser’s is a creamy blend of cheese with roasted garlic and cavatappi pasta. Add cajun grilled chicken and green onion or add buffalo spiced chicken and bleu cheese crumbles for a different spin on flavors (extra cost on add-ins).

Noodles & Company

At Noodles & Company you can craft your own dishes based on your specific tastes. You still have the freedom to get creative but you can also try their new adult mac’s that consist of Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger, Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese and BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese. Or go plain with their Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and add in your favorite meat or veggies to spice it up.

Old Chicago

Three mac n’ cheese dishes can be found on the menu at Old Chicago under their Taproom Mac N’ Cheese: Beer Brat Mac, Chicken Pesto Mac and Sicilian Pepperoni Roll Mac. Carrie & Shannon both tried one!


Carrie: Eating the Beer Brat Mac made me feel like an 8 year old again (though, minus the beer cheese sauce). The combination of the bratwurst, onions, peppers and mushrooms with the beer cheese sauce was outstanding. I was only going to eat half of it but I slowly kept eating the gooey goodness and ended up eating the whole thing; and needed a nap! It was one of the best macaroni and cheese dishes I’ve had in a long time (other than my mom’s).

Old Chicago Sicilian Pepperoni Roll.jpg

Shannon: If you’re looking for cheese then you must try Old Chicago’s “cheesiest” mac n’ cheese ever. The Sicilian Pepperoni Roll Mac was definitely cheesy! There was a great kick of spice from the pepperoncini; I never thought of adding it to mac and cheese before. The servings are enough to make the biggest mac and cheese lover happy, happy, happy! (side note: Lindsay ate Shannon’s leftovers from the office fridge and was happy, happy, happy!).

Panera Bread

Tender shell pasta swimming in a rich Vermont white cheddar cheese sauce – YUM. At Panera Bread you can order their Mac & Cheese as your main meal or get it as a side with a sandwich or salad. This macaroni and cheese dish is comfort food at its best!

Pizza Lucé

Pizza Luce.jpg

Just because their name has pizza in it doesn’t mean they’re only cooking up pizzas. Pizza Lucé’s menu offers pizza, salads, hoagies, and pasta — where the macaroni & cheese lives! Lindsay ordered the Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese to go from their online ordering menu. You can pick up from their location or they will deliver to you with a minimum order of $10 (Gouda Mac ‘n Cheese is $9.99 so just add cheese to your bread!). The cavatappi noodles were fun to eat from the normal macaroni pasta and I loved the tomatoes and the big chunks of bacon gave it a rich, smoky flavor. I only wish it was a little more cheesy to dunk the bread!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

New to the Potbelly Sandwich Shop menu is there Mac & Cheese where you can craft your own with any 2 premium toppings or try their new Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese (see how it’s made) which is already made for you, just add your favorite toppings. You can even turn the buffalo chicken into a sandwich (but without the noodles).

Happy, cheesy eating!


Dine Out this Thanksgiving at these Roseville Restaurants

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If you’re not big on cooking but you LOVE the big Thanksgiving spread then you’re in luck because Roseville restaurants are here for you! Stop in at these restaurants in Roseville who will be open on Thanksgiving Day serving some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. Some restaurants require reservations so give ’em a call!


Start a new tradition with the finest Thanksgiving Day buffet.


Boston Market

Fast casual still can bring the traditional Thanksgiving meal of your dreams.

Boston Market.JPG

Granite City Food & Brewery

Make sure to schedule your reservation ASAP for this three-course dinner.

Granite City.png

Keys Cafe

Cater out for Thanksgiving at home or grab a Thanksgiving lunch at the restaurant.

Keys Cafe.JPG

The Original Malt Shop

Maybe it’s not a traditional Thanksgiving feast but it sure looks delicious!

The Original Malt Shop.JPG

Ol’ Mexico

Make your reservations for Thanksgiving lunch buffet that will definitely satisfy!


Gobble, gobble!

Host a Holiday Party in Roseville

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Does anyone else feel like the holidays sneak up on you every year? We definitely do! You start seeing the decor change in the stores and then you blink your eyes and it’s Thanksgiving *blink* Christmas *blink* Happy New Year!

This year, be ahead of the game and start planning your holiday party before the craziness begins. Roseville offers a lot of options to host your holiday party from hotels to restaurants. The best part? We can help find the perfect venue in Roseville for FREE. Connect with Shannon in our office to start the process: shirstein@visitroseville.com, 651.633.3002 ext 104.


Country Inn & Suites

  • Up to 24 guests
  • Off-site catering opportunities
  • Wall-mounted TV
  • Free high-speed internet access

Courtyard by Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott

  • 3 event rooms
  • Largest space fits 60 guests
  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • On-site catering

Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express

  • Up to 12 guests
  • DVD player, LCD projector and LCD TV available
  • Wireless internet

Radisson Hotel

  • Up to 420 guests
  • LCD projector, TV, VCR, and DVD available
  • Microphones and sound systems
  •  WiFi
  • On-site catering



AXELS Charhouse

AXELS Charhouse

  • Up to 40 guests
  • Individual menu selections and customized menus
  • On-site catering


  • 2 event rooms
  • Large room: 35-40 guests
  • Small room: up to 12 guests

Green Mill

  • Semi-private event room
  • Up to 30 guests
  • On-site catering
The Roseville Room

J. Arthur’s Coffee

J. Arthur’s Coffee

  • 3 event rooms
  • Ranging 15-55 guests, depending on room
  • Full audiovisual equipment available to rent
  • Complimentary carafe of coffee

Joe Senser’s

  • Up to 40 guests

Kahn’s Mongolian Barbecue

  • Up to 40 guests

Ol’ Mexico Restaurante & Cantina

Ol’ Mexico Restaurante & Cantina

  • 2 event rooms
  • Ranging 30-80 guests, depending on room
  • Party room: private bar, flat screen TVs, satellite music, free WiFi
  • Courtyard room: surrounding area included can accommodate up to 200 guests

The Original Pancake House

  • Up to 25 guests
  • Available Monday-Friday

Community Venues

B-Dale Club

  • Dinner seating up to 200 guests
  • Full service bar & bartender available
  • Stage for live music or DJ
  • Game area with pool, darts and games
  • Catering available
Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery

  • Roseville’s only brewery/distillery taproom
  • Unique event space atmosphere

Harriet Alexander Nature Center

  • Upper level rental: up to 60 guests
  • Lower level rental: up to 60 guests
  • Full kitchen on each level
  • Outdoor amphitheater: up to 75 guests

Painting with a Twist

  • Reserve specific date & time
  • One painting selected for group
  •  Classes either 2 or 3 hours long
  • 10 person minimum
  • Accommodate up to 24 guests
  • More on our blog

Roseville Cedarholm Golf Course

  • Up to 64 guests seated/156 guest maximum
  • Rentals include kitchen use, if needed
  • Year round rental abilities
  • Food & beverage available or bring in your own food service

Roseville Library

  • 2 event rooms
  • Community Program Room: seats 125 guests with wireless internet, podium, microphones, sound system, screen, laptop, projector, Blu-ray DVD player, kitchenette
  • Board Room: seats 12 with internet, TV and whiteboard\
Rosebrook Park Building

Rosebrook Park Building

Roseville Park Buildings

  • 6 park buildings for rent
  • Autumn Grove Park: up to 70 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor
  • Lexington Park: up to 70 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor
  • Rosebrook Park: up to 60 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor
  • Oasis Park: up to 50 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor
  • Sandcastle Park: up to 50 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor
  • Villa Park: up to 50 guests with kitchenette, fireplace and video monitor

Roseville Skating Center

  • 3 event room configurations in one
    • Olympic Room: 300 seated and 600 non-seated
    • Rose Room (divided in half from Olympic Room)
    • Fireside Room (divided in half from Olympic Room)
  • 2 smaller meeting rooms
    • Raider Room: up to 30 guests
    • Conference Room: up to 30 guests
  • All rooms have a view of the outdoor OVAL
  • Easy access to indoor ice arena
  • Wireless internet access
  • List of preferred caterers or provide caterer of your own
  • Full catering kitchen available

Rose Vine Hall, Skybox

Rose Vine Hall

  • 4 event spaces
  • The Fairlawn: up to 450 guests (220 seated dining style, 300+ mingling & 450 seated theater style) with wireless internet, 46″ plasma TV, sound system, complimentary linens for parties under 150, full-service bar
  • The Hamline: up to 60 guests (30 seated in U-formation, 50 seated dining style & 60 mingling) with wireless internet, sound system, complimentary linens
  • The Gameroom: up to 50 guests (30 seated dining style & 50 mingling) with pool tables, dart boards, arcade games, wireless internet, 46″ plasma TV, complimentary linens
  • The Skybox: up to 75 guests (50 seated dining style & 75 mingling) with wireless internet, 46″ plasma TV, private bar and bathroom, complimentary linens, best view of the restaurant
  • On-site catering

Roseville VFW

  • Up to 130 seated guests
  • On & off sale catering and fundraising events
  • Available to all non-profit organization free of charge


New in Roseville: Painting with a Twist

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We’re excited to announce the opening of a new attraction in Roseville, Painting with a Twist. Not only are we excited but so are the owners…

“We are so excited to bring Painting with a Twist to the Twin Cities! Get ready to have an AWESOME time while unleashing your inner artist! Check out our calendar to see what beautiful paintings we have to offer. Painting with a Twist Roseville is a new place where friends, new and old, come together to paint, enjoy beer or wine, and indulge their creative sides with the help of a local artist who provides simple instructions. We provide the canvas, brushes, and paint- YOU create your very own masterpiece!”


Their calendar of classes shows you the exact painting you will be creating — a lot of the paintings are seasonal depending on the month. They even offer classes for kids 7+ which is a fun way to spend with your favorite kiddo or even for a kids birthday party! Painting with a Twist is fun for any kind of party/gathering — bachelorette parties, baby showers, graduation parties, team building… the list goes on!


Don’t have painting experience? No problem! The instructors walk around the room in between their demonstration to make sure that everyone is on the same page and to answer any artistic questions. Meet their artistic team!

After you choose a class your registration (usually a cost of $35/person) includes everything you will need to create your painting including an apron, canvas, brushes, paints, and the helpful step by step art instruction. When you’re done the painting is yours to take home and hang on your wall!


Want to give the gift of making art to someone you love? Painting with a Twist offers gift certificates, making for a fun gift for someone else or even for you to join them!

Make sure you like them on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the artistic fun taking place at the studio!

Painting with a Twist | HarMar Mall
2100 Snelling Ave N, 72C, Roseville, MN 55113

13 Kid Friendly Halloween Events

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Halloween can be a little spooky, especially for younger kids — sometimes even for adults! There are numerous fun Halloween themed events to take your kids in the Twin Cities metro area that won’t have them grabbing at your pant leg.

Halloween Spooktacular | Harriet Alexander Nature Center

Enjoy a night of ghostly games, devilish demonstrations and a fun-filled hayride in Roseville on October 29th, 4:30PM-7:30PM. Registration is required (call: 651.792.7110) and the $6 fee per person includes a special treat bag for kids, hayride, popcorn and entertainment.

Gibbs Halloween | Gibbs Farm

Celebrate Halloween the old-fashioned way at Gibbs Farm on October 29th, 10AM-4PM. Kids can make popcorn balls, find pennies in the haystack, participate in the costume contest, trick-or-treat at the farmhouse, and MORE. Cost: $8 adults, $7 seniors 62+, $5 children 3 and up, free for RCHS members.

Como Friends ZooBoo | Como Zoo

For four nights, Como Zoo becomes a furry and fairy-tailed wonderland—a perfect fright-free destination for your tiniest trick-or-treaters. 200+ live costumed characters mingle and interact with children along an outdoor ZooBoo path. This event is best suited for children up to age 8. Open: October 22, 23, 29, and 30 — 4:30PM-7:30PM. Buy tickets.

Halloween Havoc | Nickelodeon Universe

Now through October 31st, Nickelodeon Universe transformed into Halloween Havoc with park-wide pumpkin displays, a scavenger hunt, nightly fright lights show, dance party, pumpkin carving, and a costume contest. Some events take place during different October dates but every day is full of fun! All day wristband + souvenir cup with a free soda/ICEE refills is only $44.99.

The Great Pumpkin Fest | Valleyfair

Join Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang for some not-so-scary family fun at Valleyfair. Enjoy storytelling from the zany, friendly witch, venture through scarecrow hollow, explore the halls of the Chateau without the vampires, run through Peppermint Patty’s haybale maze, plus MUCH more throughout Planet Snoopy.

Transylvania Trolley | Minnesota Streetcar

Jump on the Minnesota Streetcar with Count Karl, the vampire motorman for a fun, not so scary, mostly silly Halloween ride. Saturday, October 29th, 12:30PM-4:30PM at the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line. $2 fare, 3 & under are free. Don’t forget your costume for a treat!

Pumpkin Nights | Minnesota State Fairgrounds

More than 3,000 pumpkins and fun-kins in 12 pumpkin worlds showcase larger than life displays lining the half-mile long path where you you will ooh-ing and ahh-ing. You can even bring in your own carved pumpkin to be added to the Community Carving world. It’s definitely a sight to be seen in person! Open October 14th – October 31st. Buy tickets.

BooFest | Grand Avenue

Free and family-friendly, BooFest on Saint Paul’s Grand Avenue is perfect for the younger Halloween fans with trick-or-treating and fun events and activities. There will also be pony rides and a petting zoo for great photo-ops of your kids in costume. Parents will love the fall sales going on at businesses along the avenue, too.

Ghouls & Giggles | Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

On October 23rd, 1PM-4PM, put on your best costume and join the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum as they celebrate Halloween with live music from the Bazillions. Also, there will be a trick-or-treat parade at 3PM, kid’s activities like face painting, corn pit, and hay maze, concessions and Paint-A-Pumpkin ($5 per pumpkin). Cost: $10 per child up to age 12, children 3 and under are free, adults free with gate admission.

Scarecrow Village & Garden | Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Now through October 31st head down the hill to Sensory Garden and Ordway Picnic Shelter to see the Pumpkin House decorated for the season, surrounded by scarecrows created by the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum staff and visitors. Also, garden displays on Dahlberg Terrace outside the Visitor Center and on the walkway towards the Snyder Building. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite scarecrow!

Boo-ology | Science Museum of Minnesota

Science isn’t scary! October 29th, 12PM-4PM the Science Museum of Minnesota will have spooky hands-on science activities and events. Kids under 12 who are dressed in costume will get free admission to the museum.

Great Pumpkin Halloween Festival | Landmark Center

Kids can enjoy an afternoon of costumes, music, crafts, face-painting and more at the Landmark Center’s Halloween event. Dress up in your favorite costumes to participate in the costume parade where free candy is collected while you explore the building and see the staff dressed up in costumed characters. FREE event, October 30th, 1PM.

HallZooWeen | Minnesota Zoo

Celebrating fall color and things that go bump in the night at the Minnesota Zoo this October. Enjoy up-close encounters with both cute and creepy critters. From bats and tarantulas to tigers and tapirs, HallZooWeen offers something for kids of ALL ages. Participate in hands-on education programs and watch the animals enjoy Halloween-themed treats throughout the Zoo.  Weekend activities include face painting, live musicians, and more. October 22, 23, 29, and 30.

Have a happy Halloween season!

U.S. Bank Stadium Tour

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us-bank-stadium-endzone-field-view-panoU.S. Bank Stadium recently opened and has already hosted numerous events such as a rockin’ Metallica concert, a country fun Luke Bryan concert and a packed soccer/futbal match showcasing AC Milan vs. Chelsea FC.

Whether it’s football season or not, U.S. Bank Stadium is open for tours and we were lucky to take some time to enjoy a public tour of the stadium (purchase tickets to an upcoming tour), which are selling quickly.

Ticket prices:

  • $19 for adults
  • $7 for children 5-12
  • $14 for seniors 55 & older
  • $12 for students (with valid ID)
  • $14 for active military personnel (with ID)
  • FREE for children under 5 (limit 2 per accompanying adult).

Tours are 90 minutes long and involve walking about 1.5 miles (comfortable shoes recommended). The tour gives you a behind-the-scenes look of the stadium such as the club levels, suites, press box, locker room, and even going on the field! You also learn about the stadiums features like the big pivoting doors and how snow melts off of the roof. We will leave the specifics for you to learn when you’re on the tour!

We do have a lot of awesome photos that we captured, though.


US Bank Stadium | Minnesota Vikings Field


Minnesota Vikings Gjallarhorn



Medtronic Club


View from US Bank Stadium Patio


Minneapolis Skyline Reflection



HUGE Screen


Minnesota Vikings Interview Room


Minnesota Vikings Locker Room


Minnesota Vikings Locker Room Bathroom


Minnesota Vikings Locker Room Showers


Minnesota Vikings Locker Room Logo (on the ceiling!)

We definitely recommend taking a tour of the stadium; especially if you won’t be making it to any home games this year. Minnesota Vikings kickoffs their regular season at US Bank Stadium on September 18th against the Green Bay Packers. SKOL!

Coming to the Twin Cities for an upcoming game? Stay in Roseville! Roseville hotels are located about 10 minutes from US Bank Stadium. Book your hotel today.

Roseville Restaurants that Deliver

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Sometimes there are days where you don’t want to go anywhere, or time gets away from you and you’re hungry RIGHT.NOW (i.e. Hangry). That’s where this list of Roseville restaurants that deliver comes in handy!


Roseville has almost 100 restaurants and we investigated them all to see who delivers food. Need a little help finding the Roseville location? Use our zip code, 55113 to find the closest restaurant to you, whether you’re in a hotel, at home or working at the office! Or, use our Roseville restaurant map for visual guidance.


Big Bowl Chinese and Thai

Big Bowl not only delivers from their main menu they also deliver from their gluten free menu. From curries to pad Thai to potstickers to dessert, everyone will be happy with a meal from Big Bowl.

China Restaurant

Classic Chinese dishes delivered right to your door! We’re always big fans of egg rolls and cheese wontons. There is a minimum of $23 for delivery so don’t be shy with your order.

D’Amico & Sons

Enjoy fresh, Italian dishes without all of the work. Sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastas, and desserts. You can even order famiglia-style — serves 6-8 people for a meal for a crowd. Your order must be at least $25 for delivery.


More than just pizza, Davanni’s delivers calzones, salads, pastas, hot hoagies, wings, and MORE. The minimum order for delivery is $15.


Everyone is familiar with Domino’s. You’re probably not surprised to see them on our list! Order pizza, pasta, sandwiches, chicken… even desserts.

Good Earth

Partial to local growers and organic suppliers, Good Earth use the freshest ingredients throughout their entire menu. Order breakfast, lunch or dinner to be delivered right to your door. They even offer gluten friendly, vegetarian and vegan options.

Green Mill

Delivery is available M-W, 11AM-2pm & 4PM-10PM, T-F, 11AM-2PM & 4PM-11PM, Saturday, 4PM-11PM, and Sunday, 4PM-9PM. Most of their dine-in menu is on their delivery menu, which is an A+ to us! A minimum order of $10 for delivery.

Jimmy John’s

Known for their freaky fast delivery, Jimmy Johns is your sandwich HQ for when you’re craving a sandwich and need is seriously FAST.

New Hong Kong Wok

Outstanding Chinese cuisine with a modern interpretation of classic dishes with high quality, fresh ingredients. Sign us up! Minimum total of at least $15 for delivery.

Papa John’s

Everyone’s favorite papa is delivering pizza right to your door in Roseville. Don’t forget to browse their list of dipping sauces to make your pizza/breadsticks POP.

Pizza Lucé

FREE delivery from Pizza Lucé makes their already delicious pizzas (gluten free & vegan available) taste even MORE delicious (if that’s possible). If you’re looking for something other than pizza then you’re in luck because they have apps, pasta, hoagies, salads, and more.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Delivery is available M-F, 11AM-2PM… or try giving them a call to see if delivery is available outside of that time slot. A minimum of $15 is needed for delivery. We would recommend adding a shake to your order, whether you need it to make the minimum or not!


Choose from a list of classic deli, savory steak, chicken, and turkey subs, salads, and soups at Quiznos. Their minimum for delivery is only $10.

St. Paul Bagelry

Half dozen of bagels, baker’s dozen bagels, breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches, smoothies, coffee.. St. Paul Bagelry has you set for all things bagels! Keep in mind that for delivery they have a minimum of $25 per order.


Are you familiar with Szechuan cuisine? It originates from the Sichuan province in southwest China and has seven flavor profiles: sweet, hot, salty, bitty, sour, aromatic, and pungent. You will find spicy dishes as well as non-spicy and mild entrees. A minimum order of $15 is required for delivery.

Order Online (Pick-up)

If you’re unlike us and can at least pick-up your online order then these restaurants are for you!

Applebee’s Grill & Bar

Baja Sol

Boston Market

Buffalo Wild Wings

Chili’s Grill & Bar


Famous Dave’s

Firehouse Subs

HoneyBaked Ham

House of Wong

La Casita

Noodles & Company

Olive Garden

Outback Steakhouse

Panera Bread

Ruby Tuesday




Need to get out and about for your meal? All of the Roseville restaurants can be found on our website. We also have dining coupons for some Roseville restaurants.

Sneak Peek: New Foods at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

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Waiting until the day the Minnesota State Fair announces their new foods for the year can feel like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive; or maybe that’s just us. That ‘Christmas Morning’ feeling became even better when we were invited to try some of the new foods for the 2016 Minnesota State Fair before the fair opened. There are a whopping 32 new foods at the fair this year and we were lucky to try 6 of them!

Cheesy French Onion Monkey Bread | Blue Moon Dine-In Theater


Savory, salty and soft describes this pull-apart artisan bread filled with caramelized onions, cheese and beef broth. The French onion soup covering the top soaks into the bread making it even more soft when you’re gobbling it up.

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Bites | O’Gara’s at the Fair


A childhood favorite [and still a favorite] just got THAT much better with a beer batter and white cheddar cheese blend that fries to grilled cheese flavor perfection. Don’t forget to dunk it in the bloody mary mix marinara! Basically it’s grilled cheese and tomato soup to the max.

Maple Bacon Shave Ice | Minnesnowii Shave Ice


The rule is, if there’s bacon in it then we’re going to try it and probably love it. That’s what happened here! Minnesnowii’s newest flavor brings the bacon in their shave ice with bacon bits and a maple syrup drizzle on top. What makes their shave ice so unique is the 100% sweetened condensed milk that they drizzle on top to make the shave ice creamy and sweet.

Minnesota Corn Dog | Gass Station Grill


This is not your average corn dog! What makes this corn dog Minnesotan [made in Albertville, MN] is the custom group sausage that is made with blueberries, apples, wild rice, maple syrup and cayenne. It’s a sweet surprise that is dipped in everyone’s favorite corn dog batter [at 1940’s recipe] and deep-fried. Good for the early morning fair goers looking for breakfast but really it’s good anytime of the day if you ask us.

Rustic Beef Pastry | French Meadow Bakery & Cafe


It looks fancy and it tastes fancy but nothing is too fancy for the Minnesota State Fair at the French Meadow Bakery & Cafe. Flaky butter crust is topped with Moroccan-spiced, grass-fed beef and baby spinach with creamy goat cheese crumbled on top for some tang. From breakfast to dinner this pastry will wake up your taste buds with unexpected flavor.

Tot Boss | New Vendor


New to the fair this year, Tot Boss, a local food truck favor, makes its way into the Minnesota State Fair — 100% happy! Tater tots are a big comfort food in Minnesota and their bringing them to the next level with bacon-wrapped tots, chili tots, tots ‘n’ tenders, tots ‘n’ dogs, poutine tots, tater tot nachos, tots with a variety of dipping sauces… the list goes on. We got to try the loaded tots and we are happy to report that we’re in love. The loaded tots reminded us of a loaded baked potato to the extreme and filled us up pretty quickly. We would recommend sharing if you’re a big foodie at the fair. One last thing… they’re gluten free!

What other new food vendors will we be trying at the fair? Candied Bacon Donut Sliders, Macaroni & Cheese Curds, Burnt Butt Ends… the list goes on!

Need a hotel for multiple fair trips? Roseville is located 3 miles from the fairgrounds. So close you can smell the cheese curds! We put together hotel packages in Roseville specifically for fair goers.

2016 Minnesota State Fair begins August 25th and ends September 5th. We hope you enjoy the fair!

2016 Minnesota State Fair Hotel Packages

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It’s almost time for the Minnesota State Fair, one of our favorite times of the year. This year the fair starts August 25th, 2016 – September 5th, 2016 — 12 days of fun, food entertainment, exhibits, shopping, and MORE.


Photo via: Minnesota State Fair

Roseville is the ideal location to stay when attending the Minnesota State Fair. All of the hotels in Roseville are 3 miles from the fairgrounds — so close that you can smell the cheese curds! Every year we put together a list of hotels who offer special hotel packages for those visiting the state fair. This year is no different!

Country Inn & Suites | Rates Starting at $159

(651) 628-3500 | (800) 456-4000

  • Complimentary hot breakfast
  • Indoor pool/fitness center/business center
  • Dining options within walking distance
  • several free park and ride service available withing walking distance

Courtyard Marriott | Packages starting at $169

(651) 746-8000 | (800) 321-2211

  • Newly renovated lobby and guestrooms
  • Two Minnesota State Fair adult admission tickets
  • Blue Ribbon Bargain Book filled with coupons for the fair
  • Free shuttle transportation to and from the Minnesota State Fair express bus stop. Hotel will run shuttles from 9AM-10PM daily
  • Indoor pool, whirlpool, fitness center, restaurant & lounge, outdoor courtyard

Fairfield Inn & Suites | Rates starting at $149

(651) 636-7869 | (800) 228-2800

  • Admission tickets to the Minnesota State Fair (packages of 2 or 4)
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wireless internet
  • Indoor pool and whirlpool
  • Advance reservations required
  • Welcome gift & bottled water

Hampton Inn | Rates starting at $152

(651) 209-3000

  • New hotel opened June 2016
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary in-room wireless internet
  • Indoor pool/whirlpool/fitness center
  • Mini fridge, microwave & coffee makers in each room
  • Advance reservations required
  • Shuttle service during regular shuttle hours: M-F 6AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM to the Minnesota State Fair Park & Ride located near hotel available on weekends and Labor Day

Holiday Inn Express | Rates starting at $153

(651) 294-7200

  • Newly renovated hotel opened June 2016
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary in-room wireless internet
  • Fitness center
  • Mini fridge, microwave & Keurig coffee maker in each room
  • Shuttle service during regular shuttle hours: M-F 6AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM to the Minnesota State Fair Park & Ride

Home2 Suites | Rates starting at $143

(651) 925-8600

  • New hotel opened June 2016
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Complimentary in-room wireless internet
  • Only indoor saline pool in the area
  • Beautiful patio area with fire-pit and two outdoor gas grills
  • Fully equipped kitchen in each room
  • Sofa sleeper in each room
  • Pet friendly
  • Shuttle service during regular shuttle hours: M-F 6AM-10AM & 4PM-7PM to the Minnesota State Fair Park & Ride. Park & Ride located near hotel available on weekends and Labor Day

Radisson | Rates starting at $149

(651) 636-4567 | (866) 444-6835

  • Free shuttle service and and from the Minnesota State Fairgrounds
  • Use promo code MNFAIR when making reservation
  • Axel’s Restaurant – happy hour twice a day!
  • Largest full-service hotel in Roseville
  • Large pool, whirlpool and new fitness center

Residence Inn | Packages starting at $199

(651) 636-0680 | (800) 331-3131

  • Full property renovation in 2016
  • Suite accommodations (various rates offered on studio & one bedroom)
  • Two Minnesota State Fair admission tickets
  • Blue Ribbon Bargain Book filled with coupons for the Minnesota State Fair
  • Free shuttle transportation to and from the Minnesota State Fair Express Bus Stop. Hotel will run shuttles from 9AM-10PM daily
  • Complimentary breakfast buffet
  • Complimentary social.light dinner Monday-Wednesday evenings
  • Indoor pool, whirlpool, fitness center, outdoor sport court

Guest Blog: Q&A with Bartley Blume from Bent Brewstillery

breweries, Guest Blog, MN, Roseville, Twin Cities


By Agnes Constante, founder & blogger at Backyard Destinations

In 2007, Brenda Blume gifted her husband Bartley a Mr. Beer kit. That’s what got the ball rolling toward the opening of Bent Brewstillery, the only brewstillery in the state of Minnesota.

“After my first batch, I [knew] that this was a hobby that could turn into a profession,” said Bartley, who is the owner, president and head distiller at Bent Brewstillery, which is right in Roseville. The local business sells about 150 to 200 barrels of beer per month and about 180 gallons of spirits each month.

A former NASA employee, Bartley was able to combine his love for cooking and enjoying a nice beer through the brewstillery.

In a Q&A with the Roseville Visitors Association, he shares more about what drinks visitors should try, what he loves about Roseville, and more:

What are three of Bent Brewstillery’s signature drinks that first-time visitors must try?
As a visitor to our taproom, patrons can only drink beer. The current laws in Minnesota don’t allow for me to serve cocktails. I would highly recommend a pint of Nordic Blonde. It’s the first beer I ever made as a homebrewer and it’s our biggest seller. Then I would recommend one of our sour beers. We’ve got a diverse lineup of sours that rotates constantly. Then I would suggest one of our malt meads. We make malt based honey wines that also rotate constantly. Currently Pineapple Tyme is on tap.


Why should visitors come to Bent Brewstillery?
Our taproom is industrial yet comfy. It’s a great place for great beer and great conversation. We’ve got a very diverse line up of beers that’s sure to please everyone, even non-beer drinkers.

What sets the brewstillery apart from other breweries, distilleries and brewstilleries?
We are Defiantly Distinct. We do things differently than most. We like to make up beer and spirit styles. We make beer that tastes like wine. Just being a Brewstillery is rare. There’s more than 4,500 breweries in the US, more than 700 distilleries, but somewhere around a dozen brewery/distillery combos.


What drink would you say best represents you and why?
We make a cocktail (that can’t be served at our taproom) called Kissin’ the Gunner’s Daughter. It combines our navy-strength gin, Gunner Ghost, with our Nordic Blonde beer. Add a little simple syrup and some lemon juice for a great drink. I like the name because it sounds romantic and even Harlequin-esque. The true meaning is a bit more brutal. Kissin’ the Gunner’s Daughter is an ancient nautical term for being flogged while strapped to the ships cannon.

Tap Tower

What is your favorite drink?
Enuff, our newest IPA.

Why did you choose to build your business in Roseville?
It was a marriage of convenience that has grown to be the best decision I ever made. We merged with an existing brewery called Pour Decisions that was located in this spot.

What do you like best about Roseville?
I love the fact that Roseville is centrally located and boarders both St Paul and Minneapolis. It’s just 10 minutes from either downtown but has the comfort level of the burbs. I also love the way we’ve been received by the City and all their residents. Everyone has been welcoming and gracious and really makes us feel like we’re part of the community.

What do you like best about your job?
I love experimenting with new spirits. I’ve got no less than a dozen different products in various stages of development. Everything from Grapefruit & Basil Chello, Grappa, Brandy, Spiced Rum, Silver Rum, Gold Rum, the list goes on.

If you weren’t working at the brewstillery, what would you be doing?
Maybe owning a restaurant or bar.

Photos courtesy of Bent Brewstillery and Agnes Constante